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Practice Management

The MediCure Financial Solutions is more than a medical billing company. After almost 15 years related to HealthCare Industry we know how successful practices work and the information physicians and managers need to make sound decisions for their practice. We do not go by the usual end-of-month reporting rather we cater for the practice intelligence needed for increased provider engagement and strengthening of improvement plans.


Fee Schedule and Reimbursement Analysis


Our MediCure Financial Solutions specialized team believes that Effective provider reimbursement analytics are a critical health plan function. Healthcare premiums largely comprise of Provider payments. Reimbursement is governed by provider negotiations and can be different for the same service among providers.

On the other hand, to evaluate provider reimbursement levels more efficiently and effectively we use a standard fee schedule. A standard Medicare Fee schedule is used for comparison purposes after re-pricing the data.

The main merit of re-pricing claims to a standard are:

  • It is productive in terms of time and automated.
  •  To show juxtaposition of providers, patient populations, lines of business, and time periods    possible.
  • Expedite trend analysis.

Medicure provides medical billing services with complete transparency from bottom till top processes. To ensure this, we display all the related information containing total claims in a day, overall claims submitted in one month, number of claims denied or have issues with and the amount of total revenue generated.

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