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24/7 Live Support

We have aided a large number of medical institutions of varying magnitude to meet the scheduling and rescheduling needs of medical appointment. Your precious time is saved by entrusting your requirements to us. You do not have to manage appointments is any regard be it scheduling, cancelling or rescheduling. We warrant enhancement in work efficiency and work flow apart from streamlining operations.

Appointment Scheduling

Service Benefits

  • Enables 24/7 appointment scheduling so that you do not miss any important patient calls
  • Facilitates sharing of appointment details and the managing of many appointment schedules
  • Patient records can be easily located by name or date
  • A patient waiting list can be maintained
  • Makes easy the process of callbacks, rescheduling and referring of patients to different offices
  • Minimizes recalls and missed appointments
  • Overlapping and congruency of patient appointments can be avoided
  • Assistance in the verification of insurance and demographic information
  • Makes possible cross-scheduling among multiple clinics and medical offices


Medicure provides medical billing services with complete transparency from bottom till top processes. To ensure this, we display all the related information containing total claims in a day, overall claims submitted in one month, number of claims denied or have issues with and the amount of total revenue generated.

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